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Reusable membranes

Diatex provides a wide range of reusable membranes for infusion, debulking and vacuum molding in ovens and autoclaves.

This range is composed of RTV silicone spray, vulcanized or raw HTV silicone rolls and rubber.


Reference Shore Hardness(A) Vulcanized Non-Vulcanized Type Packaging Thickness Color
DIASIL 20 20 x RTV Spray 25 Kg A + 25 Kg B Purple
DIASIL 50 50 x x HTV 1,40 m x X ml 1,5 mm Blue
DIASIL 50 50 x x HTV 1,40 m x X ml 2,25 mm Blue
DIASIL 60 60 x HTV 1,20 m x X ml 0,5 mm Translucent
DIASIL 80 80 x HTV 1,40 m x X ml 1,5 mm Blue
ELASTIBAG 40 x Latex 1 or 2 m x X ml 0,55 mm Yellow
RUBBERBAG 50 x Rubber 3 or 4 m x X ml 1,0 mm Natural
PARABLOND 45 x Rubber 1,40 m x X ml 1,0 mm Brown

ELASTIBAG is a very resistant film developed for debulding operations or for low temperature curing (below 80°C).

Associated with sealant tape LSM6000, it allows a large numbers of cycles because the sealant tape don’t dirty the film.

Its high deformability of 800% can match the most complex forms without the port.


Diatex is able to manufacture silicone tools :

  • Silicone tools for infusion (DIASIL 20)
  • Silicone zipped bags (DIASILBAG)
  • Silicone tools on metal frame


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