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Save money, optimised your production ! 

VACUOPEEL™ is a multilayer system (without adhesive or glue ) used in manufacturing processes for vacuum moulding of composite materials with techniques such as prepreg, wet lay-up, and thermoplastic.

VACUOPLEX™ and VACUOPEEL™ allow an exceptional economy of time at
each level of the process :

  • Purchase and storage department :only one product to manage.
  • Production department :only one product to prepare and apply.

A 3 products combination with :

  • a peel ply
  • a perforated film
  • a breather/bleeder felt

Vacuum moulding of composite materials involves using a number of vacuum consumables that have an effect on the production and quality. Some of these are used in successive layers, such as peel ply, perforated film, breather felt, and vacuum-bagging film. Standard procedures involve applying each one separately (e.g., peel ply, perforated film, breather felt), which can be difficult, especially when moulding is done against a vertical mould.

This type of procedure can result in overlapping on very large parts, or even the omission of a layer.

Overlapping can cause deformation on thin parts, creating weak areas, or it can affect the porosity of subsequent layers. 

Omissions can have dramatic consequences on the moulded part’s final properties.



VACUOPEEL™ system is applied in a single piece, and it comes off in a two pieces. In other words, when you remove it after the curing process, you remove the breather felt and the perforated film together, then the peel ply : it can be useful to leave the peel ply on until later to protect a part - for example, just before assembly, painting, or some other operation. 

VACUOPEEL™ is a “smart complex” which gives many benefits to the producers : save time, improve the composites quality, one product to buy instead of 3, one product to apply instead of 3.

VACUOPEEL™ that you can remove the VACUOPEEL™ in 2 times after the curing process :
1. you remove the bleeder which includes the perforated film.
2. you remove the peel ply at you convenience.


DIATEX proposes different versions of VACUOPEEL™  : a VACUOPEEL™ for each application :


  References version Peel ply Bleeder - Breather Perforated
release film
Application Use with
PA90 PES340 VACUOPEEL PA90 - nylon - pink PES340 - 340 gr/m² YES With carbon fibber E,VE
PA80 PES200 VACUOPEEL PA80 - nylon PES200 - 200 gr/m² YES standard - ECO E,VE
PA64 PES200 VACUOPEEL PA64 - nylon PES200 - 200 gr/m² YES fine surface E,VE
PES85 PES340 VACUOPEEL PES85 - polyester PES340 - 340 gr/m² YES phenolic resin E, PH, EL
PA85 PES340 VACUOPLEX PA85 PES340 - 340 gr/m² YES Structural bonding E,VE

E : epoxy VE : vinylester EL : elastomer PH : phenolic

How to use

Download how to use :


  • how_to_use_vacuopeel.pdf
2.1 Mo


VACUOLEASE is a 2 products combination developed for the vacuum moulding technology. This multilayer system, facilitates the implementation of the moulding. The perforated film and the bleeder are linked in only one product.

Use VACUOLEASE on small or big parts in direct contact with the resin (perforated film side in contact with the resin). You can prepare VACUOLEASE with hot knife or scissors.

During the curing process, VACUOLEASE will degas and remove the excess of resin more efficiently than the traditional method. After the curing process, remove VACUOLEASE in one piece.

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