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Accessories for vacuum moulding in oven or autoclaves

  • Vacuum plug,
  • Non return quick plug,
  • Adaptaters,
  • Vacuum regulator,
  • Vacuometer,
  • Vacuum pipes, technical pipes… 

Manufacture your own vacuum system adapted to the vacuum moulding technology.

The new vacuum plug help to save time and avoid leakage problems.

New Vacuum Plug advantages :

 - Auto Perforating System (there is no need to perforate the bagging film upstream)

- Unblocking System (the operculum made by the perforation will not block the vacuum and there is no need to remove it)

In order to avoid the pressure losses on the vacuum level, it is imperative to use the adapted interior diameters of pipe : Diatex recommends an internal diameter of 10 mm minimum.

DIATEX proposes a complete range of technical flexible pipes : to replace your metal pipes not very practical and fragile by a Diatex solution. Do not hesitate to contact our technicians. 

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