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Microporous VACUOPLEX

VACUOPLEX MP is a microporous multilayer system used in manufacturing processes for vacuum moulding of composite materials with techniques such as prepreg, wet lay-up and thermoplastic.


  • Multilayer system 
  • All in one 
  • Microporous
  • Eco-design

Standard procedures involve applying successive layers of consumables (peel ply, perforated film, breather felt) each one separately, which can be difficult, especially when moulding is done against vertical mould.


VACUOPLEX MP is a "Smart Microporous Complex" which gives many benefits to the producers : save time and improve the composites quality.

The perforated film is now replaced by a microporous film full of tiny pores. Under vacuum the liquid (resin), can’t pass through the film, excepted the gases. Thanks to the non woven bleeder, the vacuum acts uniformly on the global area during all the curing process, and the resin can’t stop it as it blocked under the microporous film.





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