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How to save between 2 and 5 Kg per aircraft/microlight ?

By using DIAFIREWALL, a technology transfer from the AIRBUS A380, in for the benefit of "light” aeronautics.

This 2.5 mm thick complex contains a 0.5 mm sheet of mica (480 g/m²) + 2 mm of ceramic felt, for a total weight of only 1 kg/sq. m.
Mica is an inert and non-toxic material, colour : grey, it resists a naked flame of 1100°C for 4 min. Ceramics (white) resist a temperature of 1600°C.

  • Very low thermal conductivity (ASTM C-177 chart) able to reduce the temperature of one face at 1600°C to 70°C on the other !
  • An excellent fire/temperature barrier
  • Very flexible and workable with scissors, it replaces 4/10 thick stainless steel sheet.
  • CS/FAR 25 App. F Part. VII according to CS/FAR 25 §856 (b)
  • Excellent sound insulation, improving comfort in the cockpit. Very good vibration insulator, all elements fixed on the panel are better protected (relays, small electronic parts, etc.).
  • Easy installation by multi-point bonding resistant to the heat of an engine (epoxy, PU, neoprene, etc.)
  • On the white ceramic side : attach a few screws and washers for safety at the edges and corners
  • Grey mica face on the engine side (for mechanical strength in the event of a fire)


DIAFIREWALL is vulnerable to attack by a screwdriver, and projections of oil as it absorbs them. Very light aluminium strapping protects it.

Packaging = in widths of 100 cm, sold per linear meter

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